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The rich witch life

Ignite Your Impact & Prosper

“A Womxn who decides to be Healthy, Wealthy, & Emotionally Free, is a political act of resistance against social constructs that have become cultural norms.”

-Dez Davis

Emotional Freedom

As an entrepreneur, your personal growth and emotional freedom commands the confidence to reach, inspire, and share what you know; which leads to major impact & prosperity results in your business. The core of achieving emotional freedom, is having a scalable daily practice to prioritize alignment with who you are, and what you have to offer as a heart-centered entrepreneur. Step one in this practice is converting your pain into the power to Transform lives, and from here, you will embody the confidence, clarity, & certainty to achieve higher levels of results in your business and community.

In which ways do you show your self love, care, reverence, compassion, respect, awe and appreciation of your own time and attention in a fiercely demanding world ? Does it interest you to achieve all of this in one scalable practice that evolves as your emotional needs do?

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Transformational-Wealth Consciousness

Creating wealth through impact teaches an essential skill: to become one with the frequency of wealth as a spiritual asset and sacred ally. Yet the most common belief that locks spiritual women entrepreneurs out of prosperity and into a poverty mindset is that the pursuit of wealth is less than spiritual, money isn’t the focus, and the creation of it is alienating. While on the path to do good in the world, you are not meant to live in scarcity; the uncertainty and fear of not having what you need (or want). The spiritual function of Transformational-Wealth consciousness is to ignite the uplifting-power of your financial resources to change the world. Think of it as the consciousness of creativity and inspiration for your (next) million dollar impact on the world. The more attuned you are with this consciousness, the more ingenuitive, receptive, responsive, and impactful your business becomes 100% of the time. Imagine the new perceptions, possibilities, and contributions that would emerge from your new relationship with wealth as a sacred tool for impact!

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Impact Leadership

Beyond your degrees, certifications, and trainings, your greatest source of impact is your authentic presence + the willingness to show up and show others. Aligned with the highest Will for our planet, your services provide empowering solutions to your greater community. This is what an Impact Leader does. So what makes an impact leader even more effective in her purpose? Developing a deeper sense of self-worth and visibility consciousness. Self-authorizing yourself to step forward and be seen leading from your full uniqueness, authentic feminine intelligence, grace, and fierce love – knowing with certainty that you are prepared to ground and express your insights into teachable frameworks that not only heal the past, but transform the future.

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Why Work With Dez ?

Beyond personal development, the purpose of The Rich Witch Life is to normalize & share the magic of Womxnhood, Transformational Impact, & Wealth Creation as an Intentional Practice.  

The Intersection of spiritual feminine leadership and wealth consciousness is revolutionizing a new paradigm of heart centered leadership in business – And it is FEMININE !

The Rich Witch Life invites you to celebrate & be celebrated as a womxn entrepreneur actively participating in the rise of global feminine leadership & spiritually centered Wealth Consciousness on the planet. Your work, services, and business is a Movement, a Message, and a Mission that brings real, living, tangible impact to people’s lives. The promise of The Rich Witch Life is to provide you with powerful shifts in consciousness that bring your most authentic self and  revolutionary initiatives into form internally and externally. Here, I will personally hold you accountable for vibrating with truth, freedom, prosperity, and the courage to have what you desire most – not just in one category of life, but all of it— business, finances, relationships, health, and spirituality. This platform and all of its’ facets are designed to fiercely remind you of who you are, encourage you as a source of creative power in your life, and to bring form to your Vision of Impact in the world.

Thank You for being here, and Welcome to The Rich Witch Life.

True Purpose

“Life before your coaching was full of doubt and anxiety. After working with you these past few months I now have true purpose, direction, confidence, and I feel really, really happy. Thank you!”

Kari D. Ontario, Canada
I’m in, how do I get started ?

First I’d like to learn more about you, your business, and company goals. You can tell me about yourself by clicking any of the “I’m Ready” buttons and filling out a short questionnaire. This will guide my Team and I in matching you with the service or program best suited for your needs. We’ll then schedule a free Clarity Call with you, and review your options together. Should we both feel aligned with moving forward, we’ll work together over a determined period of time to implement the actionable steps defined during the call.



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How Much Does It Cost to Ignite My impact and prosper with the rich witch ?

 Impact, Prosper, Invest, Repeat

The Rich Witch Life offers a spectrum of standard service packages and programs starting from $2,500, and ranging from premium to higher end investment points. If you desire specific service amenities or additional arrangements beyond standard service formats, my Team and I are open to discuss customizing a creative option that feels aligned with us all.

Why work with Dez?

“Spiritual Entrepreneurship is an expression of your devotion to the evolution of life on Earth.”

– Dez

Dez Davis provides transformational coaching services for intuitively gifted women entrepreneurs to ignite even greater community impact, global service, fulfillment ,and financial prosperity with greater confidence, authenticity, and less resistance.

As a result of delving deep into the unique teachings, transformational services and opportunities The Rich Witch Life provides, you will come to embody your life & business as the Sacred Space that it truly is; a channel for manifestation & alchemizing a life of j​oy, ​connection, massive impact, personal fulfillment, and WILD ​financial prosperity.

For over a Decade, Dez studied, developed, and applied practices in Personal Transformation for high performance Womxn entrepreneurs, professional creatives, life-coaches, and community leaders. Utilizing a combination of finely attuned clair-cognizance, psychic intuition, a direct style of channeled communication balanced with compassion, humor, and the effectiveness of 6 years of in depth training in Energy Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  and Transformational Coaching, Dez Davis is an emerging force of inspiration for higher self-living within the thought leadership community.

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